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Solar is the Canadian Authorized dealer representing a wide range of Altrex products including scaffold, suspended platforms systems, roof beams and hoists.

We work with Altrex because their products prioritize safety and ease of use. Their professional-grade equipment meets international safety standards, and is built for rigorous, daily operation.

Suspended Platforms
Worker on suspended platform

With end stirrups:

  • Stirrups mounted at each end of the platform
  • Maximum CE-rated platform length, CSA Approval: 12m
  • Also available with double side closed platform

With walk-through stirrups:

  • Used when the length of the whole suspended platform exceeds the length between the cables/hoists
  • Overhang for easy suspension
  • Maximum CE-rated platform length, CSA Approval: 18m

Double Deck Suspended Platform:

  • Allows for simultaneous access on different levels
  • Workers can safely climb from one level to the other via the ladder with safety cage
  • Standard vertical height between levels: 3m (optional adjustments available)
  • Platform lengths from 3m to 12m

Boiler Stage:

  • For use in enclosed spaces that cannot be accessed with standard equipment
  • Platform length: 14m
  • Two-part stirrup, placed anywhere on the platform to provide support under the deck

With fixed corner sections:

  • Used to follow the contours of the structure precisely and allow access within 30 to 60 cm of the working surface.
  • Available in 4 separate angles: 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°

With adjustable corner sections:

  • Forms angles from 20° to 90°
  • Makes platform assembly and rigging easier
  • Can be used with a wide variety of platform configurations

One-man Work Cage:

  • Ideal for tight spaces and quick maintenance/inspections
  • Using a small platform and only one roof beam, the system can be (dis) assembled very quickly
  • Maximum length: 2m
  • Provided with 1 hoist mounted to Walk Through stirrup
Roof beams
Roof Beam over building
  • Lightweight (due to aluminum components)
  • Easy to transport: every component fits in a standard (passenger) lift
  • Assembly without tools
  • Ergonomic counterweights
  • Patented integrated shock absorber
  • Various options for different parapet heights, available in 600kg low, 600kg high, 800kg low, and 800kg high
  • CE-approved (as part of a complete system)
  • Variable distance between front and rear support (from 4.5m to 5.5m)
  • Outreach (possible from 0.9m to 2.2m)
  • Optional: extra long part for longer outreach and shorter exterior beam for short wheel base
Product shot of a hoist

Nihon Bisoh (Bisomac) hoist

  • Annual maintenance in only 45 minutes
  • Substantially fewer parts
  • Compact and user friendly
  • Quiet
  • Available in Bisomac 210 600kg and Bisomac 210 800kg

Power Climber

  • Astro hoists available in 600 kg and 800 kg
  • Titan hoists available in 500 kg and 650kg
Custom Configurations
Window cleaning equipment on top of skyscraper
  • For buildings with unique architecture, Solar group and Altrex can tailor-create equipment to meet your specific needs. Contact us to find out more.
Scaffolding placed in front of building windows

A wide range of scaffolding for intensive professional use as well as short-term construction, renovation and maintenance.

  • Rolling towers
  • Stairway towers
  • Folding towers
  • Extension consoles
  • Aluminium staging
  • Modular triangle bridge
  • Shelter systems
  • Edge protection
  • Paint scaffolding
  • Facade scaffolding
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