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Extending our commitment to a more sustainable future, Solar Window Cleaning now includes solar panel cleaning in our service offerings.

When solar panels get dirty, it takes them longer to energize and longer to reach the level of output needed to put power on the grid. The cloudier they become over time, the less effective they are at absorbing solar power, and the less value they have to the building owner.

Solar has been experimenting with best techniques to clean and maintain panels, and we have come up with the best cleaning product at the best cost.

Our chemical-free solution will not inhibit solar panels from absorbing energy. And our cleaning method does not put added pressure or weight on the panels, ensure no damage to the equipment. Because our employees are trained to identify any defects and damage to the panels, building owners are notified as soon as possible to resume maximum energy capturing.

Also worth nothing is our team�s ability to reach solar panels on any building�we are comfortable with heights, after all.

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