• Anticipate beauty,
    not disaster.

    Every window cleaner that arrives on site is professionally certified to do their job to the highest industry standards. Rest easy. Enjoy the window seat.

  • Look out onto a greener, streak-free city.

    Whether you have a LEED-certified building or you just want to make a change, it’s simple to get a more sustainable view.

  • Get back to enjoying the view.

    Issues happen. The difference with Solar is we’re not going to argue about it. Spend less time on the phone. And more time enjoying the scenery.

  • The city is full of opportunity. Find yours.

    You can have more than just shiny windows. Get real-time job updates. A quality assurance surveillance plan. Experience with LEED certifications. Maximum insurance.

  • Get energy at its cleanest.

    The cleaner your solar panels, the faster they energize in the mornings. And the sooner you benefit from their savings. We’ll give your solar equipment the wake up call it needs., while you bask in the power.


    We want you to see the city
    the way we do.

    It's not just about clean windows; it's about what clean windows mean. A professional look. A well-kept brand. Another piece of art on the city skyline. And most importantly, it's about being able to look out and enjoy the view.

    Choose Solar Window Cleaning. You'll want the window seat.

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    Of Windows and Wildlife

    video image

    You would think that window cleaning is a fairly straightforward job: get up high, clean some windows, and come back down. But there’s an ecosystem up there that our team has to navigate.

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