What we offer our customers

Safety-certified staff


  1. Solar employees have WHMIS training- Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System — Solar also has an in house trainer. All our employees are Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System trained. This training is available to our customers. (OHSA — R.R.O. 1990 Reg 859 Section 9(2))
  2. Solar employees have Joint Health and Safety Certification — The Joint health and safety committee has been certified by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA). 5 employees have accomplished level 3. The Joint Health and Safety Committee can also do a risk assessment on all access points on your buildings. (OHSA — R.R.O. 1990 Reg 859 Section 9 (12) OSHA Section)
  3. Solar supervisors are trained by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) on the 'Basics of Supervising', including responsibilities of Bill C45
  4. Solar employees are trained by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) in Fall Arrest. (OHSA — R.R.O. 1990 Reg 859 Section 10 (1 - 7) Window cleaning section)
  5. Solar has in house Suspended Access Equipment Training Instructors. All Solar employees have suspended access equipment training. This training is available to our customers. (OHSA — R.R.O. 1990 Reg 859 Section 45 (1 -2)). All employees are third-party trained by the IHSA
  6. Solar has a certified in house First Aid and CPR trainer from EMS Toronto. All our employees are trained in First Aid and CPR by the in house trainer. This training is available to our customers. (OHSA — R.R.O. 1990 Reg 859 Section 9 (2))
  7. Solar employees have on site training with the service companies on using permanent installations this is a compulsory and annual training. (OHSA — R.R.O. 1990 Reg 859 Section 9 (2) and Section 45)
Invoice advantages


  • Detailed bills offering direct customer control on job completion (job tickets showing completion date are attached to Solar Bills )
  • In-depth description of contractual details on all bills( job description, frequency, occurrence, site address )
  • Automatic copies of bills sent to multiple departments for customer's A/P increased control (at customer's request)
  • Timely processing of billing (weekly) offering customer increased service and accounting control
  • All billing details upon request


Total value of annual contract is billed in twelve equal amounts, on the first of each month, offering customer relief with cash flow in months with volumes of work and lower administrative cost.

  • Operating in a market where service companies tend to favour cash deals and hire incidental labour, having comprehensive insurance is an advantage within itself;
  • Our insurance policy comprises ($10,000,000):
    • General Liability
    • Fleet (Vehicles)
    • Umbrella
  • Our insurance policy covers multiple/co-insured parties (customers);
  • Our insurance certificates display customer names and addresses — both for the Property Managers and Building Owners;
  • We can provide insurance certificates within 24 hours.

WSIB Insurance

  • The Solar Group Inc. does not work with subcontractors; all our employees have WSIB coverage.
  • Our WSIB insurance certificates display customer names and addresses — both for the Property Managers and Building Owners;
  • We can provide insurance certificates within 24 hours;
Advantages of a warehouse
  1. 24 Hour Emergency Response
  2. We own our own Equipment — Boom Crane, Scissors Lifts, Stage
  3. Customers take advantage of our discounted rental program
  4. Outside Rentals
  5. Same day delivery
  6. All safety equipment tested monthly and recorded
  7. Fleet of 15 vehicles
  8. The warehouse has WHMIS 'Train the Trainer' Certification
  9. Monthly maintenance for customers who own their own booms and scissor lifts
  10. We are able to perform all anchor retrofits.
LEED certifications

The Solar Group Inc. worked with H.O.K. and assisted the Oxford Group to receive the Green Project of the Year for their site at 225 King Street West at the NAIOP REX Awards.

The designation was LEED 2.0 EB level Silver

Oxford was the first real estate development and management firm in Canada to receive LEED certification for a multi-tenant, existing building for 225 King Street West Toronto.

Quality assurance procedures


This Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) has been developed to provide an effective surveillance method of monitoring employees performance for each objective within the window cleaning contract.

The QASP provides a systematic method to evaluate the services the contractor is required to furnish.

The contractor (The Solar Group Inc.) is responsible for management and quality control actions to meet the terms of the contract.

In the service (window cleaning) contract, the quality control program is the driver for product quality. We have developed a comprehensive program of inspections and monitoring actions. The first major step to ensuring a "self-correcting" contract is to ensure that the quality control program provides the measures needed to lead Solar Group to success; and this is what is reflected in the following plan:

Performance Objective Performance Threshold
Windows are clear and free of dirt, film, smudges, streaks, water and other foreign matter. Screens are free of dirt and debris; Damaged screens are repaired or replaced. The area surrounding the window is free of dirt, debris and water. Customer complaints shall not exceed 2 per month.

The quality assurance (QA) person — the Supervisor - will receive complaints from base personnel and pass them to the quality control Manager in charge with that particular site, for correction.

Two (2) customer complaints are permitted each month. If more than 2 customer complaints are received, the QA person shall notify the President for appropriate action.

Any base employee that observes unacceptable services, either incomplete or not performed, for any of the above performance objectives should immediately contact the QA and the QA will complete appropriate documentation to record the complaint. The QA will consider the customer complaint valid upon receipt from the customer. The QA should inform the customer of the approximate time the unacceptable performance will be corrected and advise the customer to contact the QA if not corrected. The QA will consider customer complaints as resolved unless notified otherwise by the customer. The QA shall verbally notify the Quality Control Person (QCP) — the President — about the event. The QA will be given one day after verbal notification to correct the unacceptable performance. If the QA disagrees with the complaint after investigation of the site and challenges the validity of the complaint, the QA will notify the QCP. The QA will conduct an investigation to determine the validity of the complaint. If the QA determines the complaint as invalid, he will document the written complaint of the findings and notify the customer. The QA will retain the annotated copy of the written complaint for the file. If after investigation the QA determines the complaint as valid, the QA will inform the QCP and the QCP will be given an additional day to correct the defect. A defect will not be recorded if proper and timely correction of the unacceptable condition(s) is accomplished. The QCP shall return the written customer complaint document, properly completed with actions taken, to the QA, who will file the complaint for monitoring future recurring performance.

New software system
  1. Customers will be informed by email when job starts (with job description), updates by email on job status and email on job completion.
  2. Customers have access to our web site where they can login with their user name and password. This allows them to see all jobs completed on what date also they will see progress reports on each job and the next scheduled job.
  3. There is also an area which has notes for damage reports and also pictures of damaged areas.
  4. All emails sent can be replied to with comments.
  5. Our WSIB Certificate and insurance is available online on your customer page of our web site.
  6. PDF files updated to show progress of all work completed on the exterior and the interior of your building.
  7. A calendar which shows all work scheduled between any dates picked.
  8. A customer area which will show updated certification of all Solar Equipment.

What the software does is give the customer instant information on Solar's work and also allows them to see history and upcoming scheduled work. Also the supervisors will be updating all job status each day (www.solarwindowcleaning.com).

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